Investment Profile

Lower middle market growth technology companies

The Blueprint for Success

We work with founders to build new tech platforms in fragmented markets such as transportation, senior care, automotive, legal, specialty medical, and payment processing. In the last few years, GSV has more than doubled its number of owned and operated portfolio companies, and we’re growing these platforms with impressive results.

What we look for in investments:

  • SaaS software solution
  • Solid go-to-market strategy with demonstrable ability to grow organically
  • Low customer churn
  • Scalable business model that allows for margin expansion by increasing customer count
  • Additional ways to monetize the customer base, typically with payments
  • Strong technology platform that can be leveraged and recapped through additional brands
  • Experienced and talented leadership team with a desire to remain with the business

Our Guiding Principles


We each have a unique background and unique contributions to offer. As entrepreneurs, we bring unique perspective to our investments having operated many successful companies at scale and having lived through the full life cycle of growth platforms.


Our ambition is second to none. Our firm was created by founders who had the odds stacked against them in business. We work every day with a chip on our shoulder, and we out hustle and out work the competition to win.


We know what it takes to win. We will continue to implement and modify our GSV operating playbook to ensure our companies run at maximum capital efficiency.


We are free to be bold. GSV’s unique structure means our capital is not tied to a specific timeline. This advantage allows us to move quickly and to determine a hold time based solely on the merits of the investment and not the timing requirements of a fund.


Our network is amazing. GSV is a collective of entrepreneurs and operational experts with vast knowledge, experience and contacts across industries.


Knowledge is power. We originate deals internally and leverage our research, relationships, and outreach efforts to find unique opportunities early.


Nimbleness and flexibility are key. Our team’s ability to reinvent itself based on market conditions gives us a competitive advantage.


We are aligned as one team. We create a culture in which the team wins when the organization wins. This is accomplished through incentives and co-investment opportunities that create a “we” mentality instead of an “I” mentality, empowering team members to think, act and be shareholders and entrepreneurs.


We give back. Our success is humbling, and we appreciate the opportunity to enrich the places where we live and work. Our charitable arm, Greater Sum Giving, allows us to support the charities that help our communities thrive.


Generosity is the best investment.


We dedicate ourselves every day to creating value for our companies and our co-investors. We engage with partners all over the world in building exceptional technology to revolutionize the industries we serve. It’s challenging, fast-paced, and rewarding work.

Our success calls us to practice kindness and live generously. As corporate citizens, we believe in giving back to strengthen the communities where we live and work.

Greater Sum Giving is the charitable arm that allows GSV to support and foster activities that promote the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s the program that empowers our people to find and support their own philanthropic pursuits. Together and individually, we volunteer our time and resources for the greater good.

The GSV Experience

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